La Celeste Uruguay Away Jersey World Cup 2010

Puma have released this new Uruguay away jersey which will be worn by the national team for their campaign at the 2010 Soccer World Cup as well as other games in the coming season.

Puma were initially going for a gold away shirt, but have now gone for a white away strip for the Uruguayan national team.

Buy this Uruguayan away jersey online at

New Uruguay soccer jersey away white

New Uruguay soccer jersey away white

2 thoughts on “La Celeste Uruguay Away Jersey World Cup 2010

  1. moris

    That New Uruguay Jersey reminds me about Germany in the World Cup 1990. Only that one had a Germany symbol around the arm portion . Keeping the Puma symbol in that part however is looking a bit awkward.Anyway being a DBA of (Official Fifa Travel partner) I will update that info about new jersey of Uruguay into our database

  2. Celia Ratelle

    Hello there,I like your site and it looks very interesting and easy to read,really!. I came from Chile. I love the Soccer and cannot wait till 11th June, can you?.But there is a problem camming from FIFA. It is that doesn´t choose the best teams in this planet for the World Cup which it should otherwise don´t call the World Cup a final, if you want to play football for the soul of competition then go to the olympics games. this is basically what the World Cup is turning to, and it su…, ire needed to beat germany to be in and is not, jap beat lowly teams as bahrain, qatar, kuwait, to be in, is this justice I dont think so, just because you are in the World Cup it doesn´t mean that you have the quality to be in like jap can attes. Any way, I desire to see a super final on 11th July and my favorite winner team is Denmark,and my favorite player is Wane Rooney.Good blog and keep going.Cu!

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