South Korea Track Jacket N98 World Cup

This is Nike’s N98 Track Jacket for the South Korean National team, released in time for the World Cup.

There are three colours used by Nike in the Jacket- red, blue and white. The words “KOREA” are written in blue on the back of the jacket, as you can see in the picture below.

Shop for the South Korea Jacket today at today.

South Korea N98 Jacket

South Korea N98 Jacket

N98 Back Korea Republic

N98 Back Korea Republic

2 thoughts on “South Korea Track Jacket N98 World Cup

  1. Steve

    trying to order this product and it only has 2 sizes.
    Only 2 sizes available? or the other sizes are sold out?

  2. 2010 World Cup Football Shirts Post author

    Looks like the other sizes are out of stock at this moment at Kitbag

    For the other N98 jackets, like the Portugal one, they have M and L available too.

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