2010 Spain World Cup Winners Shirt

Spain won the World Cup for the first time in their history by beating the Netherlands 1-0 on July 11, 2010 in Soccer City, Johannesburg. Andres Iniesta scored the only goal of the game in the 116th minute.

The Spain jersey now has a star to signify their World Cup triumph.

Buy the Spain World Cup shirt with the golden star today at Subside Sports.

There is also a limited edition Spain World Cup Champions shirt that has World Cup Winners 2010 Embroidered on it. This Spain shirt is available for both men and kids.

Buy this limited edition Spain winners shirt at reputed online merchants Kitbag.

Spain World Cup Winners 2010

Spain World Cup Winners 2010

World Cup Winners 2010

World Cup Winners 2010

Spain Shirt with Star

3 thoughts on “2010 Spain World Cup Winners Shirt

  1. rob

    what about the star? we r world champions now, we deserve our star… the same as when we collected the trophy

  2. Patricia olivetto

    I would like to buy a the tshirt size 8 years old for my son- the one Spain worlcup winners 2010 with the star.
    How can I buy it?

  3. 2010 World Cup Football Shirts Post author

    The kids’ version of the world cup winners jersey doesn’t seem to be available at any major online stores.

    You could however buy a kids version of the newly released 2011 Spain home shirt.

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