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  1. Ilze Herman

    hi, I’m looking for the matching pants (world cup 2010)- for my son, who is 9! where can i buy this (and have it in germany in time for the kick-off)???

  2. 2010 World Cup Football Shirts Post author


    Could you please tell which country’s shorts you are looking out for?

  3. Matt

    I am looking for anywhere in the United State that I can buy the Serbia White Nike t-shirt with the Cyrillic lettering on it. Can anyone help me? Need a size large. No online shops seem to have it! Help!

  4. 2010 World Cup Football Shirts Post author

    E-mailed you something that might be of help.

  5. Lynne Pllu

    Cannot get a N>Z World Cup Football shirt anywhere wondered if you could help.Need a medium size.Any thoughts

  6. 2010 World Cup Football Shirts Post author

    Hi, emailed you 🙂

  7. ana maria blanco

    I am interested in buying the soccer ball held by the Spanish players after winning the World Cup. It was made of the colors of the Spanish flag.

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